About Reservations:

         Join us for an exciting day spent digging through your own private ore pile in search of native copper, silver, datolite, quartz, feldspar, calcite and epidote!


           Folks of all ages are welcome to join in this unique experience. Caledonia Mine offers fee digging by ADVANCE RESERVATION only.


Ore pile days this year are every Thursday and Saturday from June  9th until August 31st, 2016


Please check our store for Ore Pile Reservation availability.


Private Ore Pile rates for 2015 are $200 per ore pile for up to four people or a family.

Private ore piles are original mine run ore from the Caledonia Mine.  We build a private ore pile for you upon a paid reservation.


Your Ore pile is 3 cubic yards and you will have four hours to discover and collect the minerals in your pile.


We allow each group to use a bucket, 2 rock hammers, tool hoe, and pick during the dig.  Each pile has a water supply to rinse minerals for easier identification.


Our Experienced staff will be on hand to help guide you through your pile and identify your specimens.


This is family friendly fun for all ages.


Please note:  Safety glasses and closed toed shoes are required.


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