All Mineral Collecting requires safe practices and common sense Safety glasses with side protectors are a must! ( REQUIRED ) Your welcome to bring your own or you may purchase eyewear @ Caledonia Mine Closed toed shoes are also a must! (REQUIRED) You will be striking ore at your feet , this is for your protection.

          Work gloves and hats are also a good idea. Please monitor weather reports and dress and pack accordingly.

          We ask that you maintain awareness of your group and others around you. Please remain in your ore pile area. Be mindful of others next to you collecting.

          Please don't climb over steep slopes and loose rock .

If you must leave the area please let a Caledonia staff member know and they will be happy to aid your in need.

          We want your mineral collecting experience at the Caledonia to be a fun and safe experience for all.  If you have more questions please see our Frequently asked questions page for more details.