Mining & Mineral Facts

Ontonagon County Copper Facts

  • 100 different mines and explorations operated from 1847-1920
  • Over 6 Billion pounds of copper was mined
  • Home to the famous Ontonagon Boulder
  • The county at one time had a population of 12,428
  • Rockland had the first telephone system in Michigan

What types of minerals can be found in the Keweenaw Peninsula?














Copper Crystal

Native Copper






Mining Terms

Adit:  The opening/ entrance to an underground mine

Back Ceiling/Roof:  The top of a drift, tunnel or adit

Flat Car:  Rail car used to haul supplies

Foot Wall: The rock below the vein or seam in mine

Hanging Wall: The rock above the vein or seam in mine

Jack Leg:  A percussive tool that is compressed air powered, used to bore holes in rock

Leaverite:  Rock of no value, The miners gave term referring to a rock “you would leave right there” not a real rock name

Locomotive:  Mobile equipment to haul ore, supplies, and/ or  people on rails or tracks

Mucker:  A front end loader that scoops and hauls broken rock

Ore:  Rocks or minerals from which metal can be extracted

Ore Car:  Rail car used to haul ore out of mine

Ore Pile:  Rock that can be mined for profit

Ore Pocket:  A chute where ore is removed from a  stope

Pillar:  Rock left behind for support/a column of rock left to support ceiling

Poor Rock:  A waste product of mining

Rib:  The left or right side of a drift, tunnel, or adit

Shaft:  A vertical inclined opening for miner to access ore

Stope:  Opening made in the process of extracting ore, also called a room

Tunnel/Drift:  A horizontal passageway through rock

Vein:  A long layer of rock or minerals

Wizen:  A shaft sunk from one level to another

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